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The Automation Issue is Live!

August 1, 2013

Median's latest issue, Automation, is now available! Contributions include:

Open Call for Median's Next Issue: Automation

May 5, 2013


As the pace of technological innovation continues to accelerate, many things that were previously unimaginable are now possible. In addition to being able to perform new tasks, these technical advances have also greatly impacted the efficiency with which current tasks are performed. We often celebrate technological innovation as being absolutely good, but from a societal perspective what are the effects of these newfound abilities and efficiencies?

Submissions are due by June 30th to submissions@medianmagazine.com. View the Submission Guidelines for more information.

Announcing Median's Third Issue: Post-Industrial!

April 28, 2013

Median's third issue, Post-Industrial, is now available! Thank you to everyone who submitted pieces, and especially to ArchDaily for helping spread the word.

Pieces in this issue include:

Open Call for Contributions: Post-Industrial

February 1, 2013

As cities around the world experience tremendous declines from their industrial peaks, it is critical to re-imagine the future of the Post-Industrial City. If these cities are to emerge from their current state, what will catalyze this transformation? For those already blighted, how can they be thought of as new sites for opportunity? What innovative ideas from public policy, urban design, economics, or architecture can contribute to shaping the post-industrial landscape's uncertain future?

Contributions -- articles, projects, proposals -- are due March 31 and should be sent to submissions@medianmagazine.com

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Announcing Medians' Newest Issue: Wealth

January 18, 2013

Median is excited to announce the release of its second issue: Wealth! Click on the 'Current Issue' link to the left to see the contributed pieces.

Thank you to everyone who contributed pieces, as well those of you who will take the time to read and discuss them. The goal of this publication remains to foster an informed conversation with diverse perspectives about important policy topics; as such, feel free to leave your thoughts and comments on each piece.

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